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Discover the Positive, Natural Way

Jikiden Reiki

Can Transform Your Life Today



Jikiden Reiki

Reiki in its original Japanese form

Pure, Simple, Safe and Effective





BE Well, Feel Well & Live Well…

In Mind and Body

with Jikiden Reiki Today






Jikiden  =  “Directly Taught”

Authentic Japanese Reiki Healing

With nothing added or left out…

Jikiden Reiki Treatments

 Lying or Sitting

You remain fully dressed

Discover how Jikiden Reiki Treatments

Clinically Proven, Safe & Effective

Can help You Achieve WellBeing Today


Ongoing Support

Monthly Jikiden Reiki Meetings

Reiju Kai

Free Jikiden Reiki Shares

Great for a Health Boost!

Dates & Times for Booking in here

The knowledge that we all have the power to heal, without the need for medication.  Not only can we heal others but we can heal ourselves.  The “Gokai” was a challenge at first, but enjoy the peace and relaxation to mind and body, and with practise it is easier to remember in Japanese.

I have had a lot of pain in my right foot this week which has made walking difficult.  I have treated it with Reiki … it is far less painful and has saved me a visit to the doctor and the need for more analgesia.

Jocelyn Bunt

SRN Retired Nursing Sister

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