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Blue Monday

Blue Monday

Today is Blue Monday… The Third Monday of January when lots of people are Feeling Blue or Frustrated, because those New Year Resolutions, are just not happening for some reason!  If this is you, or someone you know… Please read On

All too often we have our eyes on the goals and not on the journey!

When things are not happening and/or not happening Fast Enough, we get Frustrated and Downhearted.  These Blue feelings are easy to turn around… when you look deeply at them with fresh eyes and a heart of love. Yep! You read that right.

Accepting ourselves as we are, is an important part of enabling and empowering our change, of transforming our lives in a positive way.  Getting down, angry or frustrated, because we are ….. (You can fill in the blanks) Does not help us to let go of this unwanted habit or behaviour; it just keeps us stuck with what we don’t like… Creating stressful patterns of behaviour, that take away our peace of mind.

For us to change anything about ourselves…

We have to acknowledge where we are Today and it also helps if we can Be Grateful… 😉

They say in every cloud there is a Silver Lining…

Learning Jikiden Reiki gave me an insight into how to bring about change in my life in a positive way… Through Living the Gokai.  Meaning that we don’t just chant the Gokai – The 5 principles of Reiki that were created by the founder – we strive to live by them, just for today.

Taking things a day at a time helps keep things manageable… with little steps that lead to a way of being well, happy and healthy.

Sometimes we need extra help to move out of an ingrained habit, such as smoking cigarettes… and this is where Sei Heki treatments really help







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